An image of the composting bin used at La Playa

Program started October 2022

Established two bins and composting signage

Almost all La Playa organic waste is now composted!

At 6-month mark (April 4) we estimate:

  • 230 lbs of organic waste diverted from landfills
  • Generation of nutrient-rich soil 
  • Reductions in CO2
  • Early childhood education regarding separating waste, including composting Circle Time by Danielle

Worm Bin

Worm bin placed in September 2022

Educating children about waste separation and how food decomposes

Provides nutrients to La Playa’s vegetable garden

Clothing / Toy Swaps

Clothing/Toy Swap held at La Playa’s December holiday party

Reduced plastic, consumption, carbon dioxide

Emphasized recycling/reusing rather than purchasing/discarding

Second swap date TBD

Sustainable La Playa Events

All La Playa parties now feature durable and reusable plates/cups/bowls

Reducing plastic in environment

Reducing waste

Reducing carbon dioxide

Earth Day Celebration – April 21, 2023

Surprise Earth Day education
and craft by Sherry, Danielle, and Robyn ☺