Meet the Teachers!

Teacher Teri – Director/Teacher

I’ve been with La Playa since 2010 and have enjoyed working with all of the families I’ve met in that time. La Playa is a great community of people.

I began teaching preschool in 1988 and quickly discovered how much I loved working with young children. They taught me a lot! 

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and Dance—embracing my creative, physical, and cognitive sides. After teaching for a number of years, I was inspired to go back to school to earn my Master’s Degree in Human Development. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  I attended Pacific Oaks College which paralleled my philosophy in education. I was forever transformed by what I learned there and I continue to refer to books, teachers, and experiences that I had while attending.

During the course of my career I have done a lot of adult teaching. Parents, aspiring teachers, and others interested in working with young children have all been my target audience at one time or another. These experiences were so uplifting that I have been encouraged to continue working with parents.

Watching young children grow during preschool is a wonderful experience. Each child is unique. They bring something individual to the world. It is a joy to be able to share this with parents at La Playa. That is the beauty of working at a Cooperative School. Teachers and parents witness children’s growth together. I am delighted to be a part of La Playa Cooperative Nursery School.

Teacher Mayra

I’m Mayra Ybarra. I have had the pleasure of working at La Playa for six years. I am a graduate of California State University of Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development specializing in early childhood.

La Playa holds a special place in my heart because I found a place I was able to teach the values I had in mind when thinking of my ideal career. I have always known I wanted to work at a play-based school and La Playa has just been the best fit. Play-based learning means the children are allowed to explore, imagine, invent, and think without being restricted. As an educator, I get the wonderful opportunity to see the developmental growth of the children.

La Playa isn’t only a learning opportunity for the children, but as well for our families and teachers. I am fortunate to work in an environment where I can teach and also learn with the children and their families. Together we inspire life-long learners.

There is no better place to play, learn, and explore than La Playa Cooperative. This is where lasting friendships are built!

Teacher Lauren

I am Lauren Ogle and I am a teacher’s aide at La Playa. I am also a parent of La Playa, as my son attends school there. I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children in different capacities for over 10 years. I moved to Los Angeles after attending college at Illinois State University and earning Early Childhood credits there, and once here I became certified as a Kindermusik Instructor and Business Owner through the amazing Kindermusik International Program. I have taught music to families all over the city of LA and my focus in every job has been play-based learning and child-led activities. Letting children take the reins leads to so many magical moments! That is why I fell in love with La Playa the moment I stepped inside the building.

I appreciate the education/training I receive just by coming to assist or volunteer at La Playa, but I look forward to continuing my education over the next few years and becoming the best preschool teacher I can be. Music and education are my passions, and I love finding ways to share that with the friends at La Playa. But, what I love even more, is watching the creativity flow out of each student and finding out what they are able to teach ME.