Welcome to La Playa Cooperative

**WINNER** BEST PRIVATE SCHOOL – Best of Culver City/West LA Awards from Westside Today


A Vibrant Learning Environment Where Kids and their Families Can Grow Together!

At La Playa Cooperative Nursery School, you’ll find the creative and comfortable learning atmosphere you have been hoping for. Located in Culver City, our Preschool has been shaping minds and refining skills since 1948 and is one of the longest-running cooperative preschools in the nation.

We are privileged to teach students from all parts of the city, offering them a unique curriculum with plenty of educational and engaging activities. In our large play-yard and indoor space, children have 8,000 square feet of space to run, play, and wiggle their way through a fun learning experience.


Emphasizing Play, Social-Emotional Development, and Parent Education

Play is central to our philosophy. We believe that children learn best when they are creating their own experiences, whether it be digging in the sandbox, planting in the garden, dancing and signing, building the tallest tower, or creating a special piece of art to take home after a day of fun.
Children are active explorers. They have an enthusiasm for life that leads them to search around their world to make things happen. While they are interacting with their environment they make valuable connections that lead to learning.
In our spacious environment, you will see children actively involved in various areas: We have a large block area, an art table, a dramatic play area, a Play-doh table, bikes and tricycles, book shelves, a puzzle table, a huge play structure for climbing, sliding, and playing hide-and-seek, a reading nook with lots of books, easels for painting, a sandbox, a water table and a number of other toys and materials for the children to play with.

Our teachers lead the students in daily “circle time” lessons. Our movement teacher helps children with their mind-body awareness – and helps them get the wiggles out through fun! We have music time, science time, and art time. Our field trips and special visitors help our children explore while gaining confidence and knowledge.

As a cooperative community, we believe parental involvement is essential to growth. We strive to become active participants in our communities and encourage our children (and grown ups!) to get involved and reach out. La Playa is more than a preschool: it’s a place where children and their families grow together.


“Not only have we found a wonderful, supportive community, we’ve also had the opportunity to watch our son grow into an empathetic, outgoing, and inquisitive little man who loves to learn!”

– Emmerson’s Mommy
“One of the things that I love about La Playa is that my children feel safe enough to be themselves and express themselves freely. Their feelings are honored and they are seen as individuals, who are met with respect and age appropriate care.”

– Nicole Sessions
“I’m not sure who has more fun playing at La Playa, me or my 2 little ones. They are constantly creative, confident, and wildly curious, and as a stay-at-home Papa, I get the support I need to be better, patient and nurturing.”

– Efrain Cuevas